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Howdy folks - I’m a folk musician, poet, aspiring homesteader, public health researcher, among other things.

Writing has always been the medium that has allowed me to not only express myself, but to discover myself. While I have always written, in the past year I have stepped more intentionally into a spiritual practice - writing has helped me both form and share my practice.

I am a touring musician, and sometimes it can feel challenging to make explicit the spiritual aspects of my musical journey - on stage, I feel I can bear my full self but online (with fickle algorithms, crowded techno-spaces, etc) it feels more challenging.

I have made this sub-stack, not as a separate activity from my music journey, but to better round out the larger practice and art of life I am working to cultivate.

I hope these readings may find you if you need them and please feel to reach out if you’d like me to move the dialog towards certain questions and realms.

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Folk singer, folk poet, folk writer - trying to make sense of this business of living and being.